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Pirate Captions For Instagram

  • Be scared; I have a gun.
  • Here be treasure, matey.
  • Thar she blows!
  • This doesn’t feel pirate-y!
  • This is not a drill yo ho! Savvy?
  • Home is where the anchor drops.
  • We are ready for you, Halloween!
  • Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.
  • All hands on deck at this party.
  • Prepare to be boarded.
  • Everyone now, call me Captain.
  • Twenty years ago, on Halloween.
  • I be ruler of the seven seas!
  • Learnt the rules to break them!
  • Behold, the Pirate is here. #behold
  • The Captain in flesh and blood.
  • Obey the captain or learn to swim.
  • Never give up. Never Surrender.
  • Steer, it’s a course, right!
  • Ahoy matey! Let’s trouble the water!
  • We will succeed or die trying.
  • Batten down the hatches.
  • Shouldn’t you be underground?
  • Shiver me timbers!
  • Surrender the booty!

Pirate Instagram Captions

  • Shiver me timbers.
  • Mood Halloween.
  • Pillage and plunder.
  • Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen.
  • Time flies when you’re having rum.
  • Take what ye can and give nothing back!
  • Walk the plank, ye scallywag.
  • Take me to Davey Jones’ locker!
  • One eye is the epic costume.
  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
  • Keep your costumes ready!
  • Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
  • You have, of course, heard about me!
  • You look super badass! #superbadass.
  • Even Captain Jack Sparrow would approve.
  • I am going to live forever or die trying.
  • Sailors tell stories, pirates make legends.
  • Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen.
  • Fit the vibe and come shooting with us!
  • A bottle o’ rum on a dead man’s chest.
  • The deepest water does not always run the swiftest.
  • The Captain in flesh and blood. #fleshandblood
  • Who needs an eyepatch when you have got beautiful eyes!
  • It’s all fun and games until someone needs and eyepatch.
  • Not everything is scary and gold, mate. #scaryandgold

Pirate Puns For Instagram

  • Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud to see you.
  • A little bit of pirate, a whole lot of mermaid.
  • Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.
  • What a fool of a captain we’ve got. #fooled
  • Keep calm and keep thinking. #keepthinking
  • Not everything is scary and gold, mate.
  • A smooth sea never made a skilled pirate.
  • I have never been scared, said no pirate ever.
  • Pirates are unrepentantly bold. And so are we.
  • Sailors tell stories, pirates make legends.
  • Live your life and plunder the depths of adventure.
  • Don’t let these waves wash away your hopes.
  • Home is where the anchor drops.
  • Learnt the rules to break them! #breakthem
  • Drink up me hearties, yo ho!
  • Take what ye can and give nothing back!
  • A little bit of pirate, a whole lot of mermaid.
  • Every great pirate had a dream they were chasing.
  • The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!
  • A polite nod is worth more than a rude gesture.
  • Ahoy, mateys! Hop aboard for the ride of your life.
  • The only pirate I can live with is a free pirate.
  • Discover the world. See new places. Meet new people. Drink rum.
  • If beauty is only skin deep, you must be absolutely gorgeous.
  • We are pirates, quite literally. We like treasures and maps and charts.

Couple Pirate Captions For Instagram

  • For I would not live always, I pierce to die at the top of my hope.
  • Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.
  • Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.
  • Yarr! This summer, it’s all about plundering (not pillaging) this Instagram feed.
  • A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.
  • If something you have done has made another person happy, then that is worthwhile.
  • The only pirate I can live with is a free pirate.
  • Never smile at a crocodile. You’ll be the last to see it.
  • These are some words I live by. These are some words I die for.
  • All hands on deck! When you look this good, you gotta show it off.
  • Warning ahead. You are entering pirate premises.
  • Avast mateys! Try a pirate-themed hook, bait, and nibbles. Avast!
  • My friends aren’t listening to the Captain of the ship.
  • Scurvy dogs, step aboard for the best coffee in town.
  • Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. We love to sail and plunder.
  • Some people treasure what they have, some people treasure what they leave behind.
  • Set sail with a crew of legends, brimming with plunder and a lust for the booty.
  • I thought you were bringing in some country rum! #wheresmyrum
  • Ahoy Matey! A spin on a classic cocktail…partly cloudy, with an occasional pirate.
  • No cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it.
  • No cause is lost if there is one fool left to fight for it.
  • May your blade always be wet, and powder dry.
  • Build your dream… or someone else will hire you to build theirs.
  • Home is where the eye patch can be removed. #noeyepatch
  • Performed under supervision only. Do not try it at home alone. #censored
  • Failure lurks in the minds of men who fear to face danger.

Pirate Quotes For Instagram

  • “Whether we wound or are wounded, the blood that flows is red.” ― Eiichiro Oda
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” ― Dread Pirate Roberts
  • “Alex did not like bewilderment. He liked smug certainty and hitting things with his sword.” ― India Holton
  • “Love doesn’t make things easy. It makes them worthwhile.” ― Lisa Kessler
  • “You make me want things I can’t have.” He tipped his head slightly. “I was hoping you wanted me. And you can definitely have me, Annika.” ― Lisa Kessler
  • “Heaven, you fool? Did you ever year of any pirates going thither? Give me hell, it’s a merrier place.” ― Thomas Sutton
  • “Try telling the truth for a whole week. And just see how much trouble you get in.” ― Sam Conniff Allende
  • “You’re one of a kind in a world that mass produces everything.” ― Lisa Kessler
  • “Love does not work in convenience. Or any kind of sense.” ― Maggie Tokuda-Hall
  • “Every generation welcomes the pirates from the last.” ― Lawrence Lessig
  • “Imagination is a deadly weapon, it pays to keep it sharp.” ― Sam Conniff Allende
  • “But people like money. And booze. And they really like breaking the rules.” ― John Anders Erickson
  • “If I take a tumble, I’ll mae quite a splash, but at least I won’t smash against the deck and make a mess. Still be dead, though.” ― L.A. Meyer
  • “One could mention many lovable traits in Smee. For instance, after killing, it was his spectacles he wiped instead of his weapon.” ― J.M. Barrie
  • “And did I not mention our gold treasure chest Of pirates trinkets and things you like best?” ― Leigh Gardener
  • “That was creepy, honestly. Pirates and shipwrecks and graveyards, oh my.” ― Rebecca Behrens
  • “I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart. Unless it’s over me.” ― Captain Killian Hook

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