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Cricket is a very popular game all over the world and this game was first played in the 16th century in southeast England. For playing this game, you need two bats, a ball, and six wickets. And also this game is played between two teams with 11 players. Many countries are playing this game internationally. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is held in Dubai.

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Cricket Captions

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  • Keep calm and play cricket.
  • Cricket we love you.
  • Get the Cricket Habit.
  • The game of gentlemen.
  • Play like Boom Boom.
  • Cricket is my passion.
  • No dream is ever chased alone.
  • Keep Calm and Love Cricket.
  • Cricket is an amusing game.
  • We don’t actually need the umpire.
  • I love to play cricket in the gully.
  • Cricket is tested & approved by Moms.
  • Pull short is the best short.
  • Don’t Forget The Cricket, Mum.

Cricket Captions For Instagram

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  • The game doesn’t stop for anyone.
  • Keep calm and keep batting.
  • The team’s goal is still to win.
  • It’s Just For Me And My Cricket.
  • Cricket is a Gentleman’s game.
  • Cricket is my only lasting love.
  • You can cut the tension with a cricket stump.
  • Your mom called. You left your game at home.
  • Cricket is basically baseball on valium.
  • Serious cricket is war minus the shooting.
  • It is far more than a game, this cricket.
  • Badminton is not as glamorous as cricket.
  • Don’t show me your Attitude, I have my Own.
  • Winning isn’t everything,,,it’s the only thing.

Instagram Cricket Captions

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  • Sometimes in Life You have to Duck the Ball.
  • I enjoy outdoor games but love cricket most.
  • Cricket is not as easy as it may seem on the TV.
  • If you play good cricket, a lot of bad things get hidden.
  • You can cut the tension with a cricket stump.
  • Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
  • In cricket- be fit, be alert and be Sachin.
  • Losing in cricket is a great Indian sin.
  • When you have to work, work with a smile.
  • No. I am on National duty Everything else can wait.
  • Even if I don’t play cricket. The game plays me.
  • Cricket is essentially valium-addled baseball.
  • A good cricketer never loses his nerve. He just bats on!
  • People are bored by test matches but excited by one-day matches.

Top Cricket Captions

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  • You win or lose based on what the 11 do on the ground.
  • Childhood without gully cricket is like no childhood.
  • If you play good cricket, a lot of bad things get hidden.
  • You don’t play for the crowd. You play for the country.
  • Everything I know about being a gentleman, I owe it to Cricket.
  • If Cricket was a game of life and death, there would be a lot of casualties.
  • If you are smart you can learn from others’ mistakes.
  • Cricket teaches you that there are always innings.
  • A childhood without gully cricket is like no childhood.
  • Many people think life is a game; I think cricket is a game.
  • You only cannot win the match, the teamwork can win the match!
  • Make me umpire, my favorite team will never lose any match.
  • Test matches bore people, One day matches excite people.
  • My favorite team will never lose if you make me the umpire.

Amazing Cricket Captions

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  • A cricket game is like a war just without the shooting.
  • No cricket team in the world is reliant on only one or two stars.
  • Cricket to us was more than play, It was worship in the summer sun.
  • Winning isn’t everything. Cricket is about experiencing.
  • The fielders are normally imprinted on batman’s memory.
  • Just give it everything you’ve got and bowl as fast as possible.
  • I love the players who hit sixes and fours on the Cricket Ground!
  • Cricket is by no means anything, but it is a big part of who I am.
  • Oh God, if there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain.
  • Life is simply a cricket match, with temptation as the bowler.
  • They treat me the same way whether I win or lose a series.
  • Test matches bore people, One-day matches excite people.
  • Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true!
  • Among all the outdoor games, cricket is my favorite.

Cricket Quotes

Please check out the below collections of cricket quotes.

  • “Century was an occasional thing in cricket, Sachin made it frequent.” ― Amit Kalantri
  • “People throw stones at you and you turned them into milestones.” ― Sachin Tendulkar
  • “Cricket is battle and service and sport and art.” ― Douglas Jardine
  • “I was always fiercely determined and driven to succeed.” ― Ricky Ponting
  • “Sachin is passionate for cricket and fame is passionate for Sachin.” ― Amit Kalantri
  • “I am jealous of my parents. I will never have a kid as cool as theirs.” ― Chris Gayle
  • “A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by own.” ― Adam Gilchrist
  • “People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.” ― Sachin Tendulkar
  • “Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.” ― Amit Ray
  • “Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am.” ― MS Dhoni
  • “No matter how hot the fire burns, a Protea always survives.” ― AB Devilliers
  • “You don’t play for the crowd. You play for the country.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Quotes About Cricket Cricket Quotes

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  • “A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a madman.” ― Prince Philip
  • “No matter how much cricket you have played you are always learning.” ― Alastair Cook
  • “Every morning I woke up, I believed that I could score runs for india.” ― Sourav Ganguly
  • “You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • “Sachin has infinite capacity for taking pains and still making runs.” ― Amit Kalantri
  • “No matter how hot the fire burns, a protea always survives.” ― AB Devilliers
  • “When you have to work, work with a smile.” ― Kapil Dev
  • “If you’re good enough, you don’t need to say anything to win.” ― Curtly Ambrose
  • “Enjoy the game & Chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.” ― Sachin Tendulkar
  • “If it’s difficult, I will do it now. If it’s impossible, I will do it presently.” ― Don Bradman
  • “I have failed at times, but I never stop trying.” ― Rahul Dravid
  • “Never give up; just absolutely never give up.” ― Shane Warne


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